Choose to learn, learn to choose

Nov 1, 2017

Adam ​Dorfman ​is ​the ​founder ​of If ​When ​Then, ​a ​learning ​platform ​aiming ​to ​decentralise higher ​education ​and ​offer ​learners ​the ​opportunity ​to ​gain ​valuable ​skills ​and ​mentorship through ​passionate ​and ​dedicated ​learning ​communities.

As ​a ​keynote ​speaker, ​mentor, ​workshop ​host ​and ​judge ​at ​Eduhack ​Tampere, ​Adam ​has had ​a ​unique ​opportunity ​to ​get ​intimate ​with ​participants ​and ​organizers ​alike. ​He ​has found ​that ​there ​is ​clearly ​an ​interest ​in ​new ​learning ​communities ​and ​that ​this ​interest ​is driven ​by ​students’ ​practical ​experiences and a desire to access new networks to gain exposure ​to ​new ​models ​of ​learning ​not usually ​presented ​to ​them ​through ​traditional ​methods.

Adam ​has ​been ​touring ​Europe ​with ​his ​talk The ​Future ​of ​Jobs, ​delivering ​insightful ​truths about ​Platform ​Thinking, Blockchain and Artificial ​Intelligence to understand its limitations, preparing ​tomorrow’s ​workforce ​for jobs that don’t yet exist. His ​experience ​of ​sharing ​a ​few ​highlights ​of ​his ​presentation ​at ​Eduhack ​to ​his ​youngest audience ​yet, ​is ​that ​everybody ​asks ​the ​same ​questions. ​Interest ​for ​impacts ​of ​AI ​on ​our future ​is ​shared ​by ​both ​young ​and ​old ​audiences, ​but ​the ​biggest ​problem ​is ​that ​few people understand the scope of its opportunities.

Keynote speaker – Adam Dorfman 

In a knowledge intensive world and one in which automation will replace many routine jobs, curiosity will become an increasingly important tool. When ​the ​learner ​has ​the ​perception of choice and autonomy to explore what interests them most, to pursue a desire, ​their ​engagement ​in ​the content ​is ​increased ​dramatically. ​The ​power ​of ​the If When Then learning ​platform, which ​enables learners to quickly discover the best learning communities, conferences and influencers ​that ​adapt ​to ​industry ​changes, ​will ​only ​grow ​over ​time ​as ​it ​helps learners ​to ​select ​their ​paths. ​This ​is ​the ​basis ​on ​which ​the ​If ​When ​Then ​Platform is ​built.

Adam ​sees ​Educraftor ​as ​a ​valuable ​regional ​partner ​and ​early ​adopter ​of ​his ​platform ​and hopes ​to ​help ​them ​build ​their ​reputation ​in ​providing ​high ​quality ​content ​to ​both ​regional and ​international ​communities. By ​continuing ​to ​push ​the ​threshold ​of ​learning ​through ​events ​and ​services ​such ​as Eduhack, ​both ​If ​When ​Then ​and ​Educraftor ​hope ​to ​deliver ​innovation ​and ​educational development ​that ​better ​prepares ​learning ​communities ​for ​the ​Future ​of ​Work. Step ​by ​step ​we ​can ​change ​the ​world ​and ​help ​to ​build ​communities ​that ​focus ​on ​adding value ​to ​the ​chain ​of ​learning

by Nic Scott
Co-founder and CDO