With challenges set by Microsoft and Discendum, participants had an awesome time when they joined us at TRIBE for the Tampere hack.
27 – 29 OCT 2017


Eduhack is a hackathon series focused on education. Hackers get expert mentorship and support through the processes of collaboration, innovation and creation during our industry-leading events.

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The Digital Pen
Create a concept of how the digital pen (Windows 10) can enhance learning and teaching.

Making notes, drawing mind maps and or solving mathematic equations with a pen are examples how hand writing supports the cognitive learning process. The challenge is to create or to find out how to combine the valuable features of handwriting and the digital ink in the process of learning.

Open Badges
Create 1 or more digital Open Badge / Badges about a freely chosen work place skill or skills.

We challenge your team to design the kind of Open Badges that would be beneficial for you when, for example, applying for a job. Your task is also to determine the target groups and who are the issuer organisations of these Open Badges. In addition, how do you see the badge earners using these badges?


Do you want to get a little cash injection for your amazing product? Cash prizes available for winning teams.

How about tickets to ULTRAHACK, THE SHIFT and STARTUP DAY? Take your ideas to Europe’s leading hackathons and start up events.

Fancy the chance to work with Microsoft? You’ve got that opportunity too.


[MBA, Author, and Platform Designer]

Following several years working in investment banking in Canada, Adam realized the world is being transformed by platforms.

Platform business models are transforming the world, with recent breakthroughs in AI and robotics, they will soon forever change the nature of work for humanity.
Adam is currently touring Europe with his amazing talk on The Future of Jobs.

Join Adam at Eduhack to get a sneak peak of the insights he has to offer.

Speaker, Mentor & Marketing Workshop Host


[Founder, CEO, Entrepreneur]

Every now and then you come across one of those people that you can’t help but be excited around. Peter is one of those people. His energy is contagious and his desire to change the world through education is inspiring and motivational.

If you’re ready to find out about the #evolutionofeducation, then there is no better person to share it with you than Peter.

Speaker & Mentor

[Co-Founder of VES, Communication and Media Student]

With his passionate character and Nike background, Markus is on a life-long mission to define what is ’coolness’.

Being a strong believer in the power of communications, he has a passion for better brands to define a better world. With this said, he hopes to see more companies with appeal for creativity over selling and making a real impact over being self-centred.

’How many are repeating your story?’, that’s the main question, right?

Mentor & Branding Workshop Host


[Founder of Eduhakkerit]

With a passion of developing Finnish education culture, Pekka is creating new ways of implementing teaching innovations in schools and classrooms. He is an assessment guru!

Pekka is also an author, science teacher, teacher trainer and principal of Startup High School.


[CEO & Owner of Valoram]

As the owner of a small growing company, Juha has always kept the sales and the needs of customers at the center. His company’s good service and product development are supported by strong understanding of customers thoughts.

Juha has gained practical experience through service development project of his company and also through studies to support being an entrepreneur. His passion is a sustainable business, producing customer value and sales.

Mentor & Service Design Workshop Host


Friday 27th

14:00 Doors Open, Registration
15:00 Opening Ceremony, Keynote & Challenge presentations
16:45 Teaming up
18:00 Dinner
22-22:15 Evening ceremony

Hacking continued through the night for those who wanted

Saturday 28th

8:00 Breakfast
9-9:15 Morning ceremony
Workshops, Hacking & Coaching
13:00 Lunch
Workshops, Hacking & Coaching
19:00 Dinner
20:00 Pitch practicing
22-22:15 Evening ceremony

Hacking continued through the night for those who wanted

Sunday 29th

8:00 Breakfast
9-9:15 Morning ceremony
10:00 Pitches ready
11:00 Pitches (track)
13:00 Pitches (final)
14:00 Lunch
15:00 Awards & Closing ceremony
16:00 Doors close