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Eduhack #2 gathered 70 hackers to Tribe Tampere

The second event in the Eduhack series, Tampere Hackathon, was held during a weekend from 27th to 29th of October. The newly opened place for startup communities, Tribe Tampere, worked as an inspiring venue for the teams. Many of the participants came from high schools all over Finland and for them the hackathon process and the startup environment created a totally new learning experience. Alongside with the high school students we had different aged hackers from universities, companies and municipality development departments. In total 16 teams were creating new solutions.

Tribe Tampere offered an inspiring venue for hacking.

Intense hacking for three days

The 48 hour hackathon process is very intensive. Tampere Hackathon was even more, since the clocks were turned to winter time and the teams gained one extra hour. In the beginning of this 49 hour event all the teams were still trying to find their way: what is this all about, what are we actually creating here and who takes which role? Tampere Hackathon proved it again: the process works and all the 16 teams got their pitches ready and were able to surprise the judges and the audience. Well done everyone!

Mentors and workshops supporting the process

Eduhack process is supported by coaching from the organisers and from outside experts. The founder & CEO of Educraftor Peter Fagerström was coaching the project managers. Adam Dorfman (, who was keynote speaker on Friday 27th, stayed with us the whole weekend and gave a workshop about marketing and coached many of the teams. Juha Heiskanen (Valoram Oy) and Markus Hangelin (Nike) completed the mentoring team by giving workshops about service design and branding. Educraftor CCO Betty-Maj Forsman was also coaching all the teams during the event. The benefits of the mentoring could be seen and heard in the final pitches, which were all on a very high level.

Juha Heiskanen (Valoram), Adam Dorfman (ifwhenthen) and Markus Hangelin (Nike) offered great support for the teams.

Solutions for 13 different companies

Microsoft and Discendum set challenges for the teams: Microsoft about the digital pen, how to use that in learning, and Discendum about Open Badges, how they could be used to acknowledge work-life skills. Altogether 5 teams created solutions for these companies and as a reward got tickets to business events – sTARTUp Day (Tartu) and SHIFT (Turku) – and cash prizes. Microsoft will have a follow-up discussion with the winning team RINk.

In the Hacking the 6th Wave track altogether 11 teams created solutions for local and international companies from the fields of banking, industry, publications, design and ICT. The two winning teams were BRAUS (Tampereen normaalikoulun lukio) and Concentration Inc. (Turun normaalikoulun lukio), who both received a cash prize. BRAUS got also tickets to Ultrahack Sprint II and Concentration Inc. was invited to Educraftory.Inc incubator program that starts in February 2018 and lasts for 4 months.

The winning teams

Team BRAUS from Tampereen normaalikoulun lukio won the Hacking the 6th Wave track and was rewarded with cash prize and tickets to Ultrahack Sprint II.

Team Concentration Inc. from Turun normaalikoulun lukio was the runner-up in the Hacking the 6th Wave track and besides a cash prize the team was invited to Educraftory.Inc incubator program.

Team RINk. won the Microsoft Digital Pen Challenge and was invited to a follow-up discussion with Microsoft educational development team.

Team Kiina-ilmiö won the Discendum Open Badge Challenge and was rewarded with a cash prize.

Thanks from the Eduhack Crew

Thank you for being part of Eduhack Tampere Hackathon! We create the setting, you make it a hackathon! Together we set the tone and built an inspiring weekend. Please come and join us again in next Eduhack!

Eduhack #3 in Turku 17. – 19.05.2018