Volunteers rated their Eduhack experience

Dec 5, 2017

It is very important for us to provide a fun and meaningful volunteering experience to our volunteers. We measure volunteer satisfaction with regular crew surveys to get feedback on how we are doing, or actually how our volunteers are doing. We feel that we have become one big family with Eduhack volunteers, and are super excited to be able to recruit even more volunteers to the next Eduhack. But before we do that, it is time to analyse the results of the previous hackathon.

Tampere Eduhack volunteers seemed to be overall very happy with the volunteering experience, and this warms our heart.

Here are some results:

Overall experience as a volunteer for Eduhack: 4,7/5
Atmosphere within the crew: 4,7/5

And a few comments from the crew:

“I learned how to plan, create and build an event. To communicate in English even if wasn’t perfect.”

“The social events were nice and the atmosphere was good every time! We also had quite a good amount of them compared to the time we actually were together”



We also got a few tips on how we can make the experience better for the next hackathon project:

“You could recruit volunteers earlier and have more teaming up / social events at the beginning of the project.”

It feels that we cannot thank the volunteer teams enough, but once again THANK YOU for making the second Eduhack happen!

Planning of the next volunteer journey has started, we are brainstorming the recruitment process and kick-off event. There has been talk about a cabin in the woods, let’s see what we come up with! Recruitment for Eduhack Tampere volunteer CREW opens in the beginning of March. Stay tuned if you are interested in joining our Edufamily!


Eduhack project manager