I’m sitting by myself in our Turku office and want to use this time to write about the founders of Eduhack. Juhani, Peter and Nic decided that 2017 was going to be the year when Eduhack series takes over learning in many forms.

The story begun in Turku in spring when over 150 hackers hacked solutions for language learning. I have heard that the whole school building of Turun Norssi was a mess, in a good way. Juhani almost overslept the opening ceremony that he was going to lead. But he made it and it was actually a great opening for 48 hours of intense hacking. It was the very first Eduhack but it inspired people, taught them a lot about teams, innovation and the results were the most creative. The winning team invented an app that makes learning languages fun trough singing.

I came along when they needed more hands in organizing the next hackathon, Eduhack Tampere in October. 70 participants from all over Finland (and beyond!) came to hack for Discendum, Microsoft and many more companies. Did I already say that the both hackathons were organized mainly by volunteers?! We had so much fun together, and for that we can thank the founders who wear golden hats, ride around with electric kick boards (inside) and just never stop hugging people. There is so much love in their hearts that it spreads. Their love and passion for the evolution of education spreads and we become a big tribe who drive the change. Together we create the future of education.

Now I want to invite all of you on board on the journey that these happy guys started. Innovate the evolution of education to Turku in May, when the Eduhack series continues. We are going to have a big mayker themed Eduhack #3. Join our edufamily as a hacker, volunteer or partner. Let’s drive the change and keep the series rocking!

Happy holidays and Eduhugs!





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